Have you ever been thinking about to spend some days in Albania?

To tell the truth, Albania is not such a big country, but it has quite a beautiful town to visit that place. It’s Durres! This city has a seaside to take a walk there, even more there are several historic buildings to get to know them. Besides, there is a huge variety of religion, of people and places of interests.


Durres is the largest port and second largest city and a municipality of Albania. It was founded by Greek colonists from Corinth and Corfu in 627 before Christ. It has been inhabited ever since and is one of the oldest cities in Albania. Geographically, it is central on the coast, about 30 km from the west of the capital Tirana, so it’s very easy to approach it.

Don’t worry about speaking foreign languages. You don’t have to speak in Albanian. The people, who are dealing with tourism there, can speak in English.

What about money?

The official Albanian currency is ‘lek’. One euro is about 135 Albanian lek. You have to change your money before your journey.

In case of the Greek history, the city of Durres is the home of one of the largest amphitheaters in the Balkan Peninsula.


The Durres Amphitheatre has a capacity of 20,000 people. This amount of people is about 15 times more than the capacity of a modern theatre. Even more, in the s, the acoustic is so much better.


The city hosts the Durres Ancient City Wall called also Durres Castle while the largest amphitheatre in the Balkans is in the city close to the harbour. This first-century construction is currently under consideration for inscription as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

modern durres

Durres is one of largest cities on the Adriatic Sea and ranks the 5th with its population. There are also several museums such as Royal Villa of Durres and the Museum of History.

The architecture is influenced by Illyrian, Greek, Roman and Italian architecture. In the 21th century, Durres has turned into a proper modernist city, with large blocks of flats, modern new buildings, new shopping centers and many green spaces.

This ‘mixed’ town offers different trips for everybody.

If you feel like discovering this town, let’s book by us to help our company.