Keep calm in Krakow

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Krakow is the capital city of Poland. According to some surveys, security and hygiene are extremely important for tourists from all over the world. If you agree, the best choice for you is to go to Krakow.

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Its pleasant atmosphere attract many people to take a walk in the centre of the city. There are not so much cars transporting there. Consequently, the air pollution of Krakow is under the average.

Krakow is not a big city, but it’s worth visiting it. Its old town is from the medieval ages with its fancy churches and squares. It’s very easy to tour Krakow on foot. Every sight is near each other. Developed over many centuries, Krakow provides a showcase setting for many historic styles of architecture. As the city expanded, so too did the architectural achievements of its builders. It is for this reason that the variations in style and urban planning are so easily recognizable.

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Krakow historic center is one of the 13 places in Poland that are included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The architectural design of the district had survived all cataclysms of the past and retained its original form coming from the medieval times. The Old Town of Krakow is home to about six thousand historic sites and more than two million works of art. Its rich variety of heritage architecture includes Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque buildings. Krakow’s palaces, churches, theaters and mansions display great variety of color, architectural details, stained glass, paintings, sculptures, and furnishings.

According to recent official statistics, in 2015 Krakow was visited by over 10 million tourists including 2.6 million foreign travelers.The main reasons for visiting the city are: its historical monuments, recreation as well as relatives and friends, religion and business.

Apart from history and jews, Krakow was the host city of the 2014 FIVB Men’s Volleyball World Championship and 2016 European Men’s Handball Championship. It has also been selected as the European City of Sport for 2014. Thank to these event, the city hosts more and more tourists in every year, so that its GDP is higher and higher.

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Notable points of interest outside the city include the Bailiwick salt mine, the Tatra Mountains 100 km to the south, the historic city of Częstochowa, the well-preserved former Nazi concentration camp at Auschwitz, and Ojcowski National Park, which includes the Renaissance Castle at Pieskowa Skała Krakow has been awarded a number of top international rankings such as the 1st place in the Top city-break destinations, 2014 survey. In case of the history of Krakow, there are some places to visit connected with jews, religion and the Second World War.

Even more, In 2000, Krakow was named European Capital of Culture. In 2013, Krakow was officially approved as an UNESCO City of Literature. The city hosted the World Youth Day in July 2016, too.

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The people, who have visited this city, think that „Krakow is a natural agent.” It means, that the local people don’t like affecting, don’t like favouring the tourists with their kindness. They love tourists from all over the world, but if someone can’t behave his/herself, they can’t stand it.