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Austria’s national parks offer visitors the chance to discover nature in its original, unpolluted state. Come to see this scenic beauty!

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Central Europe’s largest area of protected landscape extends over three provinces in Austria: Tirol, Salzburg and Carinthia. The Hohe Tauern National Park is a region of big forests, lush green alpine pastures and spectacular waterfalls. It contains more than a hundred peaks over 3000 metres high and a huge diversity of alpine flora and fauna. The authorities organise a programme with full of activities which include hikes and gold panning. It will overwhelm you!

Keep calm next to the waterfalls in the Hohe Tauren National Park in Austria. You can find the most amasing waterfalls of the Alps there. For thousands of years, water has been shaping the landscape in the mountains near to Großglockner. It left behind its picturesque masterpieces, the extremely high cliffs and the mysterious ravines.

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How to deal with this special feeling? Better approach this marvellous region carefully, step by step.

Roam about the value of the nature! During your excursion, you can take a great pleasure in the Power of Water and the huge variety of informations about the nature.

Hohe Tauren National Park has 9 popular waterfalls

  • Gößnitz waterfall – The Power of Water
  • Jungfernsprung – The child of the legends
  • Gartl-waterfall –Breath in health
  • Raggaschlucht – The ravine of the ravine
  • Groppenstein und Rabischschlucht – With all of your feelings
  • Barbarossaschlucht – A story with legends
  • Fallbach-waterfall – Fun, experience and nature
  • Malteiner Wasserspiele – The Game of Water
  • Gößfälle – Playing with your minds near the water.

waterfall Gartl

In case you have children and would like to go on a family trip, you can go up by car, too. However, the higher roads can be closed for a small time because of the capricious weather in autumn and winter.

Get informed about the state of the roads up the mountains.

You may have more detailed information directly at the homepages of the alpine huts of the Austrian Alpine Club.

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