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Leisure activity for disabled people

France sees the most tourists from all over the world according to a survey in 2015. We associate France with the wine of Bordeaux, the sights of Paris, the festival of films in Cannes and the seaside near Nice and Marseilles. However, there are more things to do and more places to visit in the country.

The key of their success is not only the unique destinations to see, even more the technical development and their attitude to the tourism. There is a new opportunity for handicapped people to try how to dive and how to ski like a ’dairy person’ do.

Nowadays people have talked about this topic a lot, when a disabled English artist designed a special wheelchair to use it under water.

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Air France is the national airline of France. It offers a special flight for handicapped people who would like to dive. Before their journey, they just have to book a special ticket in advance at least 24 hours before the departure. The plane takes them to an island where they get the diving gear and a particular wheel-chair. As we know, diving is not an easy sport to do. It’s extremely strange when someone sinks at first with a respirator. It can happen that the person, who wants to dive, misses his/her arm or leg. Besides, he/she is crippled under his/her waist. In case the disabled people aren’t able to move in a same way like a ’dairy person’, there are some assistants, who help them. Moreover, there is a handicapped diver instructor.

It’s extremely important to know the secrets of the seabed well for the instructors. Where to dive and what to try depend on two people: the instructor and the disabled person. It’s a pity to deny, it’s an adventure!

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This is one of the newest facilities for disabled people. This way they can feel the sunny side of life. Diving makes them happy while enjoying watching the sea bed with their relatives.

It’s a kind of success when someone – young or aged, minor or adult, maybe handicapped – can beat his/herself or fights against the physical diseases. Tourism help you to win against yourself!

The French government created a sign, called ’Tourisme et handicap’ which helps the disabled people where to stay in France. Several hotels, restaurants and sights, that have this sign, give good conditions for the handicapped people.

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An other unique leisure activity

The École de Ski Française offers skiing courses for handicapped people. This company has more than 50 ski schools in France.

Fédération Française Handisport is a French organisation that provides information on national and international disabled sporting activities and events.

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