Ciao Salerno!


Instead of Rome, visit Salerno!

Salerno postures in Campania in Italy. This city is the country-down of the region and famous for its educational and religious past. It is often overlooked, but it’s a lively city and a crucial crossroad. Travelling to Salerno is a great idea, if you don’t want to spend so much money on accommodation.

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The economy of this city feeds on tourism and services.

salerno university

The Schola Medica Salernitana is the most ancient medical university from the middle ages. It was built in the 11th century and then it gathered the Greek, Latin and Arabian students. After the second World War it became a public university, controlled by the government. Nowadays, more than 40 thousand students  study there on the 10 faculty of the university. The buliding of it is opened for the tourists to see it inside.


Sandy, rocky, stormy, sunny – I will take a beach any way it comes. But give me a secluded beach with clear water and sun-warmed sand and you’ve got one ecstatic girl on your hands.

La Baia Beach is one of the largest and most easily accessible beaches in Salerno. One section is set aside as free access, while the other part is managed by the Lloyd’s Baia Hotel, and offers umbrellas and chairs for rent. To the right of the beach is the seaside tower of Crestarella.

middle salerno

For travelers Salerno is an interesting point for touring around as it is in a central location and enjoys a hip nightlife, and offers shops, restaurants, museums and monuments. Its main draw is its transportation network: Salerno has a major railway station with excellent train connections to Naples, Rome, Paestum and the south of Italy. There are some bus lines that connect Salerno to the Cilento National Park area. The SITA regional bus lines conveniently connect the city to the Capodichino airport in Naples, the central train station there, too.


Salerno is well known for it’s hot nightlife and entertainment scene, called the “movida”. Show up in the area around the town hall in the evenings after 9:00 pm and join in. People gather on the streets to chat, dine, stroll, drink, and hang out with their friends as well as meeting new ones.

If “movida” isn’t your style, take a tranquil stroll along the Lungomare, the seaside promenade, which is one of the longest in Italy.


Stop in at Bar Nettuno, across the road from the Lungomare, for the best ice cream in town.

Visit the sights of Salerno!


The main monument is the Cathedral, a 12th-century Romanesque building dedicated to the apostle, St. Matthew, who is the city’s patron saint. His body and that of Pope Gregorio VII are kept inside the church, because he was crowned on that place.