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Stalagmite Caves in Aggtelek

Hungary has 10 national parks, included Aggtelek National Park with its stalagmite caves. A stalagmite is a type of rock formation that rises from the floor of a cave due to the accumulation of material deposited on the floor from ceiling drippings.

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Aggtelek is a town situated in Hungary, near the Hungarian-Slovakian border. The stalagmite caves form part of the World Heritage by UNESCO with its 712 caves spread out over the total area. It’s frequented by thousands of people for decades. Many scientists are doing researches there, too.

The first written documentation from the caves can be dated back to 1549. Since 1920 it has been used as a tourist attraction. Several of the caves have different specialities. For example, the Peace Cave has a sanatorium which help treating people suffering from asthma.

The primary task of the National Park is to explore, protect and preserve the natural and cultural assets, and also to develop ecotourism. We strongly count on your co-operation in our efforts to safeguard the area for future generations.


Baradla-cavern is the most famous cavern in the national park. Cave was inhabited as far as 5000 BC and is an important archaeological site of Bükk Culture. Temperature in the Slovak part varies between 10 and 12.3 °C with a humidity above 95%. It has several entrance and in case you would like to have a real adventure, there are some guided tours in the cavern. Everybody gets a helmet to be safe under the ground.

The small towns around the caves offers accommodations for everyone, who would like to have an adventure int he national park.

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In particular, the guided walks in Jósvafő provide an excellent opportunity to learn about the natural and cultural environment of the village. Jósvafő’s 5 springs bubble forth crystal clear karst water after the spring thaw. Take a tour among the sunny hills, springs and blooming basque flowers blanketing the magnificent landscape.

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There 5 types of tours, which are held everyday, but if you want to visit the stalagmite caves in a group, you have to announce it in advance. At the cash-desk, you can pay by cash or by credit card, too.

Near the stalagmite caves, there are some parks and playgrounds. Consequently, a lof of classes go to spend there the afternoon of their classtrip.

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It’s important not to touch the caves, because they won’t grow anymore.