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Steady holiday! Feel the freedom

Everybody has been wondering about what is left at home when started travelling. Another thing to be thought is the trifles to buy at the location. Whether we closed the door? There are 5 things not to forget before your journey!

  • Take an insurance!

In case you are taking part in a ski holiday, it’s important to have life-insurance. Not only for you to be safe, but also keeping calm your relatives at home. Accident may happen not for your fault, rather others.

  • Look after your pets!

holiday pets

It might be useful to get on well with your neighbours or colleagues. As you go on a holiday with your close friends, acquaintances or your family, they won’t look after your dog or cat. That’s why you have to find someone, who helps you to take your dog for a walk when you are enjoying your days without stress.

  • Carry out the phone-charger!

Unfortunately, it’s not enough to take your phone with you. People staying at home may worry about you, but if you don’t have your charger with you, they won’t reach you.

holiday power bank

Nowadays, there are portable chargers, which you can use without electricity, in the forest, too. So from now, you won’t say to anybody: ’I’m sorry, i had lost my charger at home.’ It is also necessary to inform your family at least once a day and tell them that everything is okay.

  • Prescribe your medicines!

holiday medicine

Maybe medicines make the biggest problem around your holiday. It arises from the lack of the foreign vocabulary. It’s very difficult to explain to the doctor what you would like to have. The largest problem comes with the medicines which are given out against the prescription in your country. If you don’t want to leave your medicines at home, set a reminder on your smart phone.

  • Take out a day off!

It can help you not to work the day before your journey. It might happen that your sandals break away or the corner shop is closed, so you can’t purchase the missing things. Rush generates stress among the family members. Certainly you go on holiday with them, so stress should be avoided before the trip. Take a break! Have a day off before travelling!

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