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Let’s go to Comino!

Malta is a small country in the Mediterran Sea, but it has some extremely beautiful places to spend your holiday!


Comino is one of them which is the smallest island of Malta, near the island of Gozo. It’s famous for the Blue Lagoons surrounded by the rocks there. 

It’s inhabited by a handful of people and is mostly visited by tourists for a day trip while some of the more adventurous Maltese people like to visit Comino to camp or hike across the island.

Named after the plentiful cumin (flowering plant) that grows on the island, Comino is thick with wild herbs and flowers, with the entire island classified as a wildlife sanctuary nowadays.

It is a rocky wilderness, with jagged cliffs, two small sandy beaches, coves, creeks and a coastline dotted with deep caves. And of course, Comino island is known for the famous Blue Lagoon bay with its crystal clear and azure-coloured water.

beach of Comino

Home to just a handful of farmers, Comino has no tarmacked roads (and only a handful of cars) and is only 2 km long by 1.7km wide. The island offers a complete change of pace from the neighbouring islands of Malta and Gozo and is a great place to go for a day trip, or even to spend part of your holiday if peace and tranquillity are what you’re after.

Gozo belongs to Malta. From the island of Gozo, there are some boat-companies which offers a there-and-back tour on the sea to get to Comino in the morning and to come back to Gozo in the late afternoon.

It’s important to get to Comino early in the morning because everybody wants to spend a day on the island. At about 11 o’clock there is no place on the beach in Comino to put your towel down the hill.

seaside of Comino

If you’re a little more adventurous you could camp out on Comino as well. There’s a small campsite in the North of the island, overlooking the beautiful Santa Marija Bay, which is a great place to go for a swim as well with a small sandy beach offering easy access to the sea. You’ll also find facilities there like public toilets and a stone BBQ if you’d like to give that a go and you don’t need a permit to camp there.

Help our work and book your accommodation in advance. 

If you’re more interested in exploring the island as a whole, you’re better off going outside of peak season. Not because of crowding, but because of the scorching summer sun. No fun to be out walking at that time and with such little shade to be found.

There’s only one hotel on the island and is situated at San Niklaw Bay, the pick-up and drop-off point for visitors from Malta and Gozo. The Comino Hotel offers decent rooms at a modest price.

crowd in Comino

In any case, you wouldn’t choose to stay in Comino for a length of time if you’re looking for a “lazy hotel holiday” with all the comfort and more of your daily life. It’s also unlikely you’d be looking to stay there for weeks. If you’d like to just visit Comino and explore  you could always book a few nights in combination with a stay in Malta and/or Gozo.

If neither of those reasons apply to you, visit Gozo instead – more to see and do, much less busy.