Kiosk Budapest

This bar is situated in a former Piarist building, which means that the place has incredible architectural features, like astonishingly high ceilings. Due to its recently renovated exterior area, cocktails can be enjoyed outside too. The bartender has won several contests and creates top-notch cocktails elegantly and professionally. Should you get hungry, there is a variety of specialty burgers, with flavors such as blue cheese, foie gras and caramelized onion.

Address: Marcius 15 square Budapest, Hungary phone +36 70 311 1969

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This bar arrived from Japan to introduce Hungarians to a wealth of Asian flavors and drinks. Of course, delicious sushi is on offer, besides cocktails, Japanese whisky or Ryoma rum. Here you will find everything is characteristically Japanese: neon lights, LED walls and an enormous robotic foot. Situated very close to the Chain Bridge, it is easily accessible and a great place to enjoy a walk either before or after your Asian experience.

Address: Széchenyi Isván tér 7-8. Budapest, Hungary phone +36 1 801 9862

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Buddha-Bar Hotel Budapest

With its Asian-fusion cuisine, Buddha-Bar blends Chinese, Thai, Indian and Japanese food in a luxurious bar and lounge area. Signature cocktail creations mixed with the authentic Buddha-Bar music create a relaxing environment for patrons. On Sundays treat yourself to a special brunch, in which you can enjoy a huge variety of main courses or Asian buffet constituted by a selection of favorites. Buddha-Bar also hosts Hungary’s first authentic Lebanese restaurant, Baalbek. This new space attracts fans of traditional middle eastern cuisine and prepares all their dishes halal. Baalbek’s cozy terrace welcomes its guests with a range of shisha options or, if shisha isn’t your thing, a selection of Arabian teas to complete your meal.

Address: Vaci street 34 Budapest, Hungary phone +36 1 799 7302

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Boutiq ‘Bar is now recognized as being among the 50 best cocktail bars in the world. Owing to the crimson walls and tight space, the inside feels sensual and intimate. There is no cocktail in the world that the skilled bartenders can’t prepare: in fact, the variety of drinks on offer is so immense that you may struggle to choose; would you fancy a Caribbean rose peppercorn, a vanilla-cardamom cocktail or a spicy caipirinha?

Address: Paulay Ede street 5 Budapest, Hungary phone +36 30 554 2323

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This haven for American and Australian food devotees attracts many US tourists or businessmen who long for a good a piece of Omaha or prime steak, or for filet mignon made from Australian Wagyu. Don’t go anywhere else if you want to have a special tequila, whiskey, rum or cognac: in the past few years they improved their cocktail list as well.

Address: Október 6. street 15. Budapest, Hungary phone +36 1 788 1685

Blue Fox The Bar ​ – Kempinski Hotel Corvinus

No need to be apprehensive about entering this hotel’s bar, although it is in the basement of The Kempinski, the spacious room has a great ambiance and the drinks are terrific. Basically, you can choose from any of the old classics or a selection of modern cocktails. They use only natural ingredients (no syrups). Cheers!

Address: Erzsébet square 7-8. Budapest, Hungary phone +36 1 429 4499

Mericano Bar

Partly owned by Sicilians, this bar offers the classic American cocktail list, coupled with Italian class. If you are familiar with the concept of an apero bar in Italy, then, this is what you can expect from this happy, life-fulfilling environment. No one will judge you here if you happen to drink a Tom Collins at 4pm! All of this amidst the decadent charm of the 1920s and ’30s.

Address: Sas street 17 Budapest, Hungary phone +36 20 288 5406

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If you are hungry but wouldn’t pass up the chance to enjoy a nice wine as well, this French-Hungarian bistro is for you. The menu always includes seasonal ingredients, which can be enjoyed in the cleverly designed, old-style wooden interior. Try a nice breakfast or dinner here; you certainly won’t be disappointed by the French-Hungarian cuisine and flavors.

Address: Királyi Pál street 14 Budapest, Hungary phone +36 1 789 0975


Should you be interested in Hungarian schnapps, also known as palinka, this shop and bar can supply you with a huge variety to try and some basic knowledge as to how this heavenly alcoholic drink is made, the mysteries of distillation and the difference between the favorite brands. There are regular discounts, so keep an eye on their website.

Address: Gönczy Pál street 6 Budapest, Hungary phone +36 30 417 7825


This enchanted forest in the heart of Budapest offers the possibility of dusk-to-dawn dancing surrounded by some of the weirdest and most eclectic artworks of all time. If you like a wide variety of music and spending the whole night in a friendly environment with great drinks, then Instant is most definitely worth a try.

Address: Nagymező street 38. Budapest, Hungary phone +36 1 311 0704

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